artem kovalev

In the spring of 1968, a ‘counter-culture’ rock musical hit the Broadway stage. It was called «Hair» and was a celebration of the bohemian live-style and anti-war idealism of a generation of young Americans known as «Hippies.» Along with the famous gathering on a spread of farmland in New York state which has come down to us as ‘Woodstock’, (1969) the music of ‘Hair’ and the message behind it remains one of the great statements of what the anti Viet Nam War Movement was all about and, indeed what that whole era was about. artem kovalev .But why would they call a Broadway musical «Hair» ? Well, I guess it is, if not universally true in all cultures, then certainly consistent with Christian culture values that short hair on men is ‘good’ (a sign of seriousness, sobriety, and discipline) and long hair is dangerous, dissolute, and a symbol of rebellion. You will notice that there are two places where guys automatically and immediately must submit to the haircut: prison and the army русско-английский блог . It comes across a kind of a punishment, but even more so is the dehumanizing aspect. Basically, there is more identity theft in these places that in a hotel full of internet hackers. The military seeks to strip you of your individuality and reconstruct you into a savage, blindly obedient fighting machine. And it all starts with chopping off your hair.What guys like me couldn’t understand was why we should be drafted into the army (the draft was in force and obligatory back then), to go to the other side of the world and fight people who had not attacked us and seemed to pose no threat to us at all. Moreover, the war (which was never an officially declared war but rather what the US government euphemistically called a «police intervention to pacify enemy aggression») was unwinnable without the use of nuclear weapons. It was fought in the jungle and this was when we first heard the term ‘guerilla warfare.» Naive, wet-behind-the-ears American teenagers ended up ‘engaging’ an invisible enemy amid snake-infested rice paddies and bomb-rich minefields; the South Vietnamese didn’t want us there either, and when these boys came home (if they came home at all), they were hardly given a heroes welcome; instead they were jeered at killers, murderers of innocent people. Some of these guys returned with alcohol and drug problems to go with their missing arms and legs, some became completely dysfunctional nutcases . And after Presidents Johnson and Nixon had escalated the war in Laos and Cambodia, the fact finally sank in the the US was getting its ass kicked. So the Yanks finally packed up and left. Defeated. Everything had been for nothing. For NOTHING.

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